Online Film Festival by Lisl Ponger “A weekly programme of films made by, or about, women”

Anlässlich der 25. Ausgabe des von der Künstlerin Lisl Ponger kuratierten Online Film Festivals “A weekly programme of films made by, or about, women” im Rahmen von Hundred Heroines wurden Freundinnen gebeten, Kurzfilme vorzuschlagen. Hier die Auswahl dieser Woche:

Ramesch Daha, born in Tehran lives and works in Vienna. She shows a documentation of her work 06.04.1945, where she mounted fragments of the register of mainly political prisoners from 1944 and 1945 on the outside wall of a present-day prison in Lower Austria.

Her work, like Isa Rosenberger’s art, is deeply embedded in historical research and its contemporary contextualisation. In her film Espiral Rosenberger brings the role that Austrian banks played in South-East Europe after 1989 together with a work by German choreographer and dancer Kurt Joss (1901 –1979). The expressionist ballet, The Green Table, was written between WWI and WWII and subtitled “A dance of death in eight scenes.”

Bronwyn Lace’s Feast or Famine echoes this dance of life and death in her video installation composed of thousands of time lapse photos shot in the Natural History Museum in Vienna and accompanied by a soundtrack by South African composers. Based in Vienna, she is a South African artist and the co-director of The Centre for the Less Good Idea founded by artist William Kentridge.

Vienna based curator and writer Naoko Kaltschmidt’s suggestion is a trailer about Barbara Rubin, (1945–1980), a US-American filmmaker and performance artist.

It is followed by the French film Réponse de femmes: Notre corps, notre sexe and the US-American film Semiotics of the Kitchen – Martha Rosler both made in the year 1975, the former suggested by Austrian graphic designer Eva Dertschei (studio.tid) and the latter by Del Barret, Founder and Chair of hundredheroines Agnes Varda (1928 –2019) was a Belgian-born French film director, screenwriter, photographer, and artist and Martha Rosler a US-American artist, who works in photography and photo text, video, installation, sculpture, and performance.

Cornelia Kogoj, an Austrian author, activist and organiser at Initiative Minderheiten concludes in the film Voices of Alabama celebration by commemorating Theresa Burroughs, (1929 – 2019), the owner of Safe House Black History Museum in Greensboro, Alabama.

Alle Ausgaben von “A weekly programme of films made by, or about, women” sind abzurufen unter Hundred Heroines. Die aktuelle Ausgabe geht am 1. Oktober, 19.00 Uhr online.



Voices of Alabama: Safe House Black History Museum, 4:40

Espiral, 13:51

Réponse de femmes: Notre corps, notre sexe, 7:48




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